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1111 - The new us

Uppdaterad: 20 apr 2020

Intuitive healer and therapist, Katarina Winslow

reflects on rebirth

Published in togethermag.eu November 2019 #103

Have you ever heard of rebirth? The process of being reincarnated or born again. Visualising resurrection, most of us can probably imagine someone who met Jesus - seeing someone glowing with their face lite up by the communion with Christ. But do you know that there is today a concept of rebirth that is widespread in the spiritual and consciousness-raising community on this planet? 

The idea does not even have a name; it is a series of numbers. Guess the code? It is as simple as it gets, yes, it is '1111'. Maybe it is a coincidence, but I would like to believe that it is not. Last time I got a new iPhone, the access code provided by Apple was just that, '1111'. Maybe Apple simply stated that they were ahead of their time, in the loop, at the top, at the peak of consciousness. 

Actually, '1111' is the symbol of a wake-up call, the number for activation.

'1111' is also the first number when you start to study numerology. After all, everything in our binary system is made of ones and zeros. 

There are numbers in many places. For example, our names are made of numbers. Each letter in your name corresponds to a number. All digits have a significant meaning that we can learn to understand to comprehend ourselves more. The name you are called inhabits a sound frequency that influences you more than you may think. I have personally experienced the power of the frequency of a name, as I have had two different names in this lifetime. My childhood nickname, 'Katti,' made me feel a lot different and much heavier than my birth name Katarina. 

Having reconquered my birth name Katarina, my energies run much lighter, as it adds up to the number 3, which stands for fun, lightness, and communication. 

Looking closer at the number '1111', we discover that it is a signal that the Universe wants to send us a message that it is on our side. That we are in alignment with the cosmos. As you know, everything is frequency, energy, and vibration - we know that now, ever since Nikola Tesla claimed, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." 

He stated this in 1942, and we are just starting to accept it in a more mainstream way. No worries, maybe we will embrace the concept of '1111' in the year 3000. The thing is that if we accept the concept now, there is more probability that humanity will survive. '1111' stands for being in alignment with the intention for life, to be aware of higher guidance, and accept that there is something, which is beyond what we can see and touch - the mystery. 

Being middle-aged, I had time getting accustomed to what is 'unseen' by the eye, to cultivate my communion with the divine. If you are interested in knowing more about my journey, I am happy to announce that I have just released my first book on Amazon. The title is 'Eye (I) - The Healing of a Healer.' It is a profound and exciting read for anybody interested in personal development, awakening experiences, and healing of self and our world. Through a childhood with a narcissistic stepfather, sexual abuse, and years suffering from bulimia, I tell my story about the hard road I had to travel to receive my healing gift.

The thing is that when you are vibrating on the frequency of '1111', or you see these numbers somewhere, it is the Universe telling you that you are vibrating on a good vibe. It is a happy sign from the Universe that you are on track.

'1' is the creator, so when it is times' 4', it is in alignment with the symbolism of '4' - family, humanity, and inclusiveness of all life, the structure of nature. The number 4 is the number that connects mind-body-spirit with the physical world of structure and organization. It symbolizes the safety and security of home, of our planet. The need for stability and a solid foundation of humanitarian values.

At its highest it is an awakening call to start over. To listen to different music and to be guided by something more authentic, closer to the intention for life. To distance yourself from the idea that destruction is more potent than creation. You could say that in the realm of the vibration of '1111', someone who plants a thousand trees is more powerful than someone who is destroying nature to build unsustainable factories. Pretty cool logic if we put common sense on top of our agendas. An alignment for anybody who loves life - the authentic, the beautiful, and the true.

So, let us get back to the basics and follow the ascended masters' guidance to a rebirth, an awakening, and new activation. Let us open our hearts to a period of new life, natural growth, and revival.

Not far from rebirth, there is also the concept of Catharsis a purging, a purification of the old. I believe that in any rebirth, we need to 'cleanse' ourselves of the past, the outdated, and the 'illusioned' self. The self that is separated from life, and that makes a division with other people, needs to be purged from our consciousness. There needs to be a purgation of our emotions, particularly the ones of pity and fear. It is the process of releasing and thereby providing relief from strong or repressed emotions. It makes me think that the origins of the theatre were made for just that, to help us get rid of our fears and experience a revival. In ancient Greece, when people gathered in the village to see the spectacle of a sacrificial rite, it was meant to purge people from the fear of death so that they could feel better afterward. That is the true meaning of a good movie, a divine opera, or an alternative theatre play - you come out of it reawakened, afresh like some density has left your mind, body, and soul. So maybe we could stop watching anything that makes us experience less than a catharsis. Remember, the idea is to march to a new frequency, a frequency that makes you feel good. Let us stop accepting anything less than excellent. You only need three things, an awakened mind, a respected body, and an open heart to create a fourth idea, which is the three of them together in a cosmic dance. 

Remember, you are floating on a globe in the middle of the Universe. Listen to what the Universe has to say now while you can, let us all start to co-create with the gift of life, instead of destroying it, destroying ourselves and nature. 

For that to happen, we need to embrace recovery, rehabilitation, rejuvenation, renaissance, renewal, restoration, and the awakening that is slumbering inside of us all, waiting to be unveiled.

Let us all wake up from our global hypnosis and make a comeback this autumn.

Together as 1111. 

1 (you) 1 (me) 1 (us) 1 (humanity) = 4 (family)


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